2019: Year of Focus

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Happy New Year!

There's nothing quite as exciting as a fresh start. January 1st allows us to separate the good and the bad from the prior year. It's important to keep a collection of those awesome moments from the year gone by while purging all of that baggage that accompanies our failures, mistakes and goals we didn't get around to achieving.

I also like to begin each year with a "WORD OF THE YEAR".

My word for 2018 was Confidence, and let me reflect a bit on why I feel that I embodied that word during the year:

* I went full force into a brand new business journey (COOKIES) and really came a long way in 2018

* I had the confidence to walk away from a "job" that was never going to be the right fit for me

* I took an amazing course called Passion to Profit which encouraged me to believe in myself and my passion

* I rode 200 rides on my Peloton, gaining confidence as a rider

* I spent a lot of time listening to Podcasts and audio books to help reframe my habitual mindset of feeling "less than" {{Girl, Wash Your Face -Rachel Hollis, You are a Badass - Jen Sincero and 5 Second Rule - Mel Robbins were a few favorites!}}

One thing I also do is create a Pinterest board for my word. All year long I post content to that board or scroll through for inspiration when I am struggling. I find this SUPER helpful and inspiring, and honestly was a huge reason why I even remembered I HAD a word for the year! :)

Here's a sampling of some of the pins from my 2018 Confidence Board

Now, stepping into 2019, my word is "Focus"

My goals include:

* Getting my "why" in clear FOCUS

* FOCUSing on a few (i.e. not a thousand!) projects I would like to tackle

* Keeping FOCUS on the big picture (i.e. not getting caught up in the details)

* FOCUSing on myself - self-care, sufficient amount of sleep and exercise, healthy eating, down-time

Here are some of the inspirational pieces I've posted to my2019 - Getting in Focusboard on Pinterest:

Do you choose a word for the year? I would LOVE to hear what yours is for 2019!

Let's make this the best year yet :)

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